August 30th, 2oo9

Hello my lovelies!
Just a little note here to inform you that this site will move within the next year (2010).

Worry not.
Unleashing the Gracious Plenty WILL continue.

After all, when season 2 is over and True Blood is on hiatus, I will need some kind of distraction and Eric's Gracious Plenty can fill. . . *grin*

Well, I'm sure we all know where we'd want the GP to migrate over to. *collective sigh*

Eric's Newly-Bonded Lover,

Monday, 22 June 2009

Eric - Viking Contours

YES. Definitition.
Even Eric can't help admiring the
contours of his GP. *smirk*

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debbie said...

WOw i hope that's what I think it is.